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5.0 Star Rating, Yelp   5.0 Star Rating, Yelp

Mrs Petwoth DC 2017 A. | Potomac, MD | 5/11/2018

When I was 7 1/2 month pregnant, I had really bad pain on my right hip and Morning cramps on my legs that lasted over 2 weeks.

Every time I walked or put pressures on my right leg, I would feel the sharp pain on my hip. And every morning when I woke up and stretched, I would have cramp on one of my legs or sometimes both. It was not a good combination esp. when my hip was already hurt. I took Tylenol here and there but with being pregnant, I tried my best not to use it everyday or every 6 hours. With no pain med , I was left with pain every time I moved around. I tried parental massage but did not  work. So I went to see Dr. Emily Wang.

It was my first experience doing acupuncture. After listening to my problems, she stuck 3 needles on my palm and told me to walk around her office and it was like a MIRACLE! I was not totally pain free but could walk around without that hush sharp pain. Before I left her office, she gave me home remedy that I could do later to ease the cramps on my leg and hip pain.

A week later, I was able to walk/bend/get up/move around without any more pain. And what impressed me about Dr. Wang the most was she sent me a personal email a day to later to check up on me and gave me recipe to get rid of phlegm and cough from the bad cold I had. And once again, her pear recipe worked.

Can't thank her enough. Highly recommend her.

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5.0 Star Rating, Google   5.0 Star Rating, Google

Indu Adawal

Emily is the best doc I have ever come across in my life. Not only is she an expert Acupuncturist but also a compassionate, kind, caring understanding, patient, soft spoken & loving being. I owe my recovery from horrible leg muscles burning, lower & upper back ache & knee pains, to her than my PCP. She gave me Chinese herbs, lent the Acupuncture pen, taught me some exercises & gave tips on eating habits. God forbid, if ever in future I have any health issues, without blinking an eye lid, I will run to her. Highly recommend her.

visited Dr. Wang to treat my stomach issues with acupuncture. She is very professional, taking a comprehensive look at overall health on top of acupuncture. She asked very thorough and in-depth questions about my lifestyle and gave tips to improve my well-being, such as changing parts of my diet and adopting better postures. Not only have my symptoms improved, I feel much better overall. I cannot recommend her services enough!