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Hypnosis for Relationships

Our “Hypnosis For Relationships” program is about becoming more relaxed, accepting, and compassionate with yourself and your loved one. The content here speaks primarily of romantic relationship such as husband and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends, but this program works just as well when wanting to get along with family members, co-workers or others. So if your Mother, Sister, Father, Brother, Cousin, children, neighbor, boss or co-workers are your "problem relationships" we also can help you. For more in formation call 240-328-8169.

Compassion and Understanding

Hypnosis can help you be more accepting, tolerant and understanding when and where you need to be in your relationship. It can also give you courage to speak up and do or say that which needs to be said or done.

Stop Negative Patterns of Fighting and Arguing

In addition it can help you to break old negative patterns such as yelling and verbally attacking or always retreating and crying and giving in. It can help you to be courageous and stand strong when you need to, or feel safe enough to give in, in an argument, when you have a hard time doing that.

Hypnosis can also help you with any one of the following:



Common Questions

Q: My husband cheated on me. Before he did our relationship was wonderful. He says he is sorry and I believe him. I know he never did this before. I still love him, but I am so hurt over what he did! Also, my self-esteem has suffered and when I look in the mirror I really hate what I see. We have three little children and they love their Dad. Can hypnosis help us get past this?

A: Yes, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for overcoming anger in relationships and rebuilding trust. Also, becoming more confident is part of all the work we do in every session with any issue. You'll be pleased to know that clients feel better in 4-6 sessions! We do this all the time and usually the relationships are completely restored and sometimes even become stronger and better than before. We recommend both parties come in, but we have seen great change in relationships when only one part of the partnership attends hypnosis sessions.