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    Self Care

If you haven't done so already, make sure to read the Rationale page. Once you understand from the point of view of classical Chinese medicine how external invasion and internal environment work in the body, you will see how herbal care and the following self care strategies may help re-establish the body’s homeostasis.

1.         Protection. 

Avoid exposing yourself to invasive environmental factors, especially when you are not your healthiest self. Actions you can take right now to help protect yourself include:

•           Social distancing, wear protective gear;

•           Wear enough clothing so that you feel comfortably warm at all times;

•           Dry your hair before getting out of the house or going to sleep;

•           Avoid over sweating. Adjust your clothing/room temperature setting so that you don’t over sweat. When you are sweating (e.g. after exercising), do not step into a cooler place right away. Wait a few minutes till you feel dry.

2.   Preserve your energy including the protective energy so that your body has more resources to spend defeating an invasion.

•           Dress warmly at all times so that your body doesn’t have to waste a little bit of energy keeping you warm and/or protecting you against a cold;

•           Drink warm water and eat warm cooked food;

•           Do not exert yourself (e.g. over work, over exercise).

3.    Strengthen your energy including the protective energy by:

•           Eating 3 meals at regular times;

•           Going to sleep before 10:30 pm;

•           Regular moderate exercising;

•           Engaging in activities that relax you and bring you joy;

•           Getting plenty of sunshine daily, especially on your back; 

•           During a pandemic/epidemic, eating porridge with garlic, onion, ginger and rice twice a day.