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Chinese Medicine Herbal Support

Once you understand from the point of view of classical Chinese medicine how external invasion and internal environment work in the body, you can see how self care and the following herbal care strategies may help re-establish the body’s homeostasis.

If you are exposed to external pathogens, you want to stay asymptomatic if at all possible. Let’s keep as many people as possible from entering Step 1 described in Rationale. We accomplish this goal by giving your protective energy (immune system) a helping hand, so that the battle ends before it ever starts. In addition to the self care steps you can and should take, I have prepared Chinese medicine herbal formulas to help you. Just like how you should wear different PPE depending on your exposure, I have different herbal formulas depending on your exposure.

Secondly, we want to help the function of the lungs and heart so that when the battle begins, they may win it more easily and effectively, with less damage. We can help you determine whether you would benefit from Chinese medicine herbal treatments. My treatment strategy for preexisting conditions focuses very heavily on the functions of the lungs and heart because of the possible dire consequences of what might happen in Step 3 described in Rationale. “There’s a post viral cardiomyopathy that hits as people appear to be recovering that kills them”, as reported by an ICU doctor in Seattle and news in China. I would like to help the functions of them to be as strong as possible.

Thirdly, if you start to develop symptoms of an external invasion, let’s treat them promptly and closely to reduce the severity and duration. This has many benefits including:

1. You will feel better and with one less thing to worry about during this confusing time.

2. Your immune system and overall energy won't have to be diverted to fight the external invasion, thus leaving you fully charged to combat whatever that may come your way.

3. By reducing or freeing yourself from external invasion symptoms, you will have less need to use testing kits, medications, or go to the hospital. Thus you are helping the community by saving resources and at the same time helping yourself to reduce the chance of complications.

4. One characteristic of the COVID-19 is how extremely quickly symptoms develop over a period of hours and days, instead of weeks, compared to other virus induced pneumonia. The sooner and more thoroughly we take care of the symptoms, the less chance they develop into more severe ones and complications.