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Two Ways To Quit Smoking with Hypnosis!

Our "Stop Right Now" program is a one-on-one session and is designed for the person who is highly motivated to quit smoking. This person has probably smoked less than ten years and has easily quit before, but just has difficulty making it last. Three sessions are scheduled a week apart.

You must attend the three sessions even though you will probably stop smoking after the second session. You need the third one to make it permanent. We want you to be a non-smoker for life. YOUR success is OUR success!

Our "Hard-Core Smoker" program is also a one-on-one session and is for the person who has tried to quit many times before, and every time they try to quit, it has been too upsetting or stressful. Sometimes family members will even beg this type of smoker to start smoking again.

Usually, these people have smoked 10 years or more. This smoker has a deep emotional attachment that needs to be neutralized. This usually takes 5 sessions.

(20 min. free phone consultation)

"Emily Wang really helped me quit smoking when I tried every other solution. Working in healthcare I know the risks of smoking and tried several medications both prescription and over the counter as well as going “cold turkey.” But sadly nothing worked for me. Having tried everything else I decided to look into hypnosis. I decided to go with Emily after our initial phone conversation. She knew exactly what I was feeling and also was very calming to me. I felt very comfortable being with her and did not even notice after our first session that I had not smoked for 4 days. I was surprised I went four days with no withdrawal symptoms and thought at this point that she must really know how to help people work through their issues. After working with her I have quit smoking and have also reduced anxiety with family and work. Best part of it all is that I did not gain any weight which I know worries many smokers. It is a process you really have to want to do and work through to achieve your goals of being a healthier you!"

-- S.V. Chantilly,Virginia