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Feeling frustrated, tense, overwhelmed, sad, stuck?
You have tried to analyze or manage it.
You even tried positive thinking, therapy, medication, and surgery.

Has that helped RESOLVING the issue? Or does it KEEP COMING BACK?? WHY?

Imagine communicating with a 1 yr old, using logics or will power...Your subconscious mind (feelings, habits, automatic responses) and body is like a 1 yr old! How do you get a 1 yr old to cooperate?

Self-Empowerment Hypnosis Sessions

If your logical mind could have resolved the issue, it would have, wouldn't it? If your logical mind is not the one that's in control in a particular area, which part of you is? Your subconscious feeling/reactive/habitual mind. This is a powerful self/life induced hypnotic state! We'll help you step out of the trance and finally have the clarity and be in control.

We work with a wide range of issues. Some of the work we have done with much success recently includes:

Resolve the stress/anxiety that's been holding you back so that you can reach your full potential and play your very best.
95% success rate. This is not a diet program. We change your relationship with food for the long term and we help you form healthy habits, behaviors and more!
Rather than shifting symptoms, we work on resolving the stress, the triggers so that you naturally adopt healthier behaviors.
Such as fear of dentists, driving, being on stage, death, being underwater, making presentations, or changing jobs. We also work with Anxiety and Phobias when referred by a doctor or psychologist.
General Nervousness
Global feeling of being unsettled or uncomfortable.
Create harmonious relationships, forgive family members, get over betrayal.
Ongoing Sadness
Either from a specific loss such as a death in the family, loss of career, divorce or a general sad feeling that has become a way of life.
Habits and Behaviors
Hair pulling, bed-wetting, nail-biting and any other "too much" behavior like drinking too much, working too much, sexing too much, etc
Anger Resolve
For the person who just gets too mad too often, and has had enough of it.
Emotional Mess
For those with many unresolved emotions at play. These people tend to cry too often or easily, takes things personally, and/or feel too guilty, frightened, mad or sad.
Chronic Illnesses
Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Infertility, Cancer, Hypothyroid, IBS, Insomnia, Allergy. The body's natural tendency is towards healing. When we release the blockages, the body is finally allowed to do its perfect job: healing.

Your program will begin with a 1.5-hour Set For Success session. During this session we'll spend as much time as necessary to establish a foundation for success.

It's like a journey of self-discovery and transformation; a learning experience which allows you to make positive change.

The problem you face is uniquely yours – so is the solution. Changes can occur in weeks – not years. On average, 5 sessions, scheduled 1 week apart are required.

Whether you have been experiencing one or two seemingly inescapable problems, or a myriad of difficulties that you just can’t seem to get a handle on, hypnosis will help you heal the core emotional issues and resolve the need for negative symptoms. Once emotional energy blockages are cleared, the body is free to return to its natural state: health.

Not from the greater DC area, but still want to schedule with Emily for an appointment?

*** Phone sessions available***

***Have internet access? Download Skype (
for a video and/or audio internet session.***


"Emily Wang really helped me quit smoking when I tried every other solution. Working in healthcare I know the risks of smoking and tried several medications both prescription and over the counter as well as going “cold turkey.” But sadly nothing worked for me. Having tried everything else I decided to look into hypnosis. I decided to go with Emily after our initial phone conversation. She knew exactly what I was feeling and also was very calming to me. I felt very comfortable being with her and did not even notice after our first session that I had not smoked for 4 days. I was surprised I went four days with no withdrawal symptoms and thought at this point that she must really know how to help people work through their issues. After working with her I have quit smoking and have also reduced anxiety with family and work. Best part of it all is that I did not gain any weight which I know worries many smokers. It is a process you really have to want to do and work through to achieve your goals of being a healthier you!"

-- S.V. Chantilly,Virginia

"After biting my nails for 50 years, I'm cured. I feel great. I feel so much better about myself. The self work guide you gave me is very helpful. I keep it next to the couch. When I feel the urge to overeat, or bite my nails, I recognize my feelings and work with them to resolve it. My nails are growing back. They look beautiful! My self-esteem has improved because I feel more in control of my feelings and behaviors. Thank you!"

-- Katie F., Kensington, Maryland