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Headaches, insomnia, anxiety, emotional turmoil, overweight…

Headaches: Does your head hurt at a constant level, or does the intensity vary based on the sleep you got, stress related to work or family, whether you are hungry or not?

Overweight: Your doctor told you that losing some weight will help your blood pressure, your heart, and your knees. If you could do that, you would have done that, correct? You just can not resist the icecream and you have tried dieting so many times already!

Notice how our physical body is closely connected to our thoughts, habits, and emotions.

This is why we address the challenge you come in with from a holistic angle, using an integrative approach. We look at your sleep, food, work, relationships, emotions, habits, and physical symptoms. We find areas that are contributing to dis-eases, be it depression or overweight. We utilize the power of the mind, meridians in the body, and positive life styles, to help you achive physical and emotional ease.

What clients like you experience with our integrative approach

"My mother first recommended that I see Emily, because I had been having back pain and have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. I had never tried acupuncture and was curious about it. I found that working with Emily made me much more in tune with my body, and how the physical and emotional parts of my life connected and influenced each other. The medical history that Emily took during our first appointment was more in-depth than any medical history I have ever provided to anyone else, and she always remembered the details about me from session to session, which made me feel like she was concerned about my health and focused on me as a person.

Emily has a very calming manner, and I always felt very comfortable talking to her. The in-depth questions she would ask about my life and how I feeling--emotionally and physically--made me pay more attention to my body and to my symptoms. I was also impressed with how Emily always modified my treatment depending on what symptoms I was showing at that time, what intentions I wanted from the treatment, or what she could see from my body. I felt like what was being done was specifically tailored for me. I also liked how she would explain the goals and purposes of the different things she was doing.

Overall, since starting acupuncture, I find that I am much more able to take care of myself, to listen when my body is telling my something, and to do things that will be healthy for my back and my anxiety levels. And I feel like some things I didn't even know could be addressed by acupuncture--like night sweats--have improved since I started treatment. I have been very pleased by my experience and plan to continue acupuncture in the future. "
--Kinsey, Maryland

" After recovering from 3-week long cold, suddenly I had this back pain last November. If you had back pain, you know what I'm talking about... couldn't even get off the bed without struggling in the mornings, and shoulder area and back completely stiff for a couple of hours before I could move freely and be myself. Went to see Dr Wang since I am not a fan of pain medications due to their side effect. She spend quite some time asking me questions and getting to know my life style and things happened prior to my back pain started, and came up with a plan of treatment. She informed me clearly that she would not just target the back pain, but the root of it and once the whole body got back to balance, the symptom of back pain would go away. Well, it turned out to be true, after 2-3 acupuncture treatments with her, there were profound changes in my body - my energy level came up, I slept better, my hair had more texture and stopped falling, and of course, the back pain went away too. Thank you Dr Wang for treating me as a whole person, and bring health and beauty back to my body!"

-- Maggie W., Potomac, MD