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    Chinese Herbal Consultation

Consultation Fee

Most herbal medicine for 5 days can range between $20 - $40. Very often, patients only need to be on a particular formula for less than a few weeks.

Herbal consultations can be included in an acupuncture visit with the only extra charge being the cost of the herbs themselves.

Telemedicine: Peace-2020 Herbal Support Information

We are not accepting new patients at this moment unless you are a friend or a family member of an existing patient.

Existing patients: Please schedule a 20 min herbal visit for new symptoms or 15 min visit for existing symptoms.

All visits will be conducted online. We can use regular phone call, facetime, or skype during the COVID-19 period.

To schedule a visit, please click on “online scheduling” at the top right hand corner. Or you can email me a few times and dates that work for you.

Before your appointment, please take a picture of the front and back of your tongue and email or text them to me.

Your herbs can be mailed to you if it’s available from a vendor or picked up by you from my office.