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Acupuncture for Pain Managment

"Emily is magical. I have been struggling with a back injury since last December. I saw a Chiropractor, an Orthopedist, and physical therapists. Nothing worked and meds just masked the pain. I have seen Emily three times in the last two weeks. The pain in my back is almost completely gone. It's really hard to believe. This was my first experience with acupuncture. I went in with an open mind, but I wasn't expecting such quick an amazing results. I think she is wonderful!

-- Melanie G., Gaithersburg, Maryland

"My mother first recommended that I see Emily, because I had been having back pain and have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. I had never tried acupuncture and was curious about it. I found that working with Emily made me much more in tune with my body, and how the physical and emotional parts of my life connected and influenced each other. The medical history that Emily took during our first appointment was more in-depth than any medical history I have ever provided to anyone else, and she always remembered the details about me from session to session, which made me feel like she was concerned about my health and focused on me as a person.

Emily has a very calming manner, and I always felt very comfortable talking to her. The in-depth questions she would ask about my life and how I feeling--emotionally and physically--made me pay more attention to my body and to my symptoms. I was also impressed with how Emily always modified my treatment depending on what symptoms I was showing at that time, what intentions I wanted from the treatment, or what she could see from my body. I felt like what was being done was specifically tailored for me. I also liked how she would explain the goals and purposes of the different things she was doing.

Overall, since starting acupuncture, I find that I am much more able to take care of myself, to listen when my body is telling my something, and to do things that will be healthy for my back and my anxiety levels. And I feel like some things I didn't even know could be addressed by acupuncture--like night sweats--have improved since I started treatment. I have been very pleased by my experience and plan to continue acupuncture in the future."

-- Kinsey, Rockville, Maryland

"Emily is a very thoughtful and thorough practitioner; I felt very well taken care of while I was her patient. She listened on a very deep level in a myriad of ways. She was always compassionate, thoughtful, positive and non-judgmental in her approach.

After trying a variety of complementary health modalities throughout my lifetime, last winter I decided to try acupuncture. I went to see a practitioner who came highly recommended and had practiced for over twenty years. I saw him for three sessions before I decided to stop going; something didnít click, and I felt like I could be having a better experience somewhere else. Then I went to Emily Wang. Right from the start, I felt comfortable and at ease. After the first session, I felt a huge shift and knew it was positive. I kept going back. Although I could never explain exactly why, I knew that I always felt better. Various aches and pains that I went in with would be gone or greatly diminished by the end of each session. The back issues that originally led me to acupuncture are no longer present. I know that her specific range of skills and talents combined with her awesome personality are what made the difference.

Emilyís professionalism, abilities and kindness make her an outstanding practitioner."

-- Tricia C.

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