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Sue K. | Silver Spring, MD

I was having an incredibly difficult time getting over the end of an important relationship. Traditional therapy had given me some new insights that proved helpful, but there were lingering, persistent feelings of sadness and loss that I just could not get past. I told Dr. Wang that I was so used to thinking about it, that even when I wanted and tried to think of other things, my mind would slip back, like wheels into ruts in a road. I wanted to just be “hypnotized” into not thinking about it anymore!

Therapy with Dr. Wang is not quite like that, though. It is a process, a dialog with myself, guided by her. She teaches a simple and very effective way to identify and respect what you are feeling, and let those feelings pass through and out of you. The great thing is that, once you learn the technique, it is available to you any time, so it’s not like you have to have weekly appointments to get the benefit. I went for three visits total.

I use the technique often. Recently, I found myself feeling upset. Typically, I would look back at my lost relationship as the default reason for feeling upset. But by using the technique, I realized I wasn’t upset about that at all; I was upset about something at work! I used the technique again a few days ago when I WAS feeling sad about the lost relationship. It helped me give a voice to that sadness, and I was able to let it go.

I am very glad that a web search on "hypnosis" led me to Dr. Wang.

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