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    Chinese Herbal Formulas

Immune Boost Formulas

If you have minimum exposure to infected people (e.g. staying home):

Immune Boost 1 (IB1): For healthy people.

Immune Boost 2 (IB2): For people with dampness (e.g. thick tongue coating).

Immune Boost 3 (IB3): Feel a little tired, or usually or recently easy to catch a cold.

If you have possible exposure to infected people (e.g. there are people with COVID-19 symptoms at the places you go to, but you don’t have close contact with them):

Immune Boost 4 (IB4)

Immune Boost 5 (IB5): If getting empty heat easily or taking IB4 and get empty heat.

If you had or are having close contact with people who have COVID-19 symptoms:

Immune Boost 6 (IB6): GGT+FB.

If you had or are having close contact with people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 and you have no symptoms:

Contact your primary care physician to see what they recommend in terms of testing and/or treatment.

Immune Boost 7 (IB7)

If you have cold, flu, COVID-19 symptoms or stomach issues:

Contact your primary care physician and schedule a 20 min herbal consultation with me.

Dosage and Usage

Dosages below are general guidelines for an average built adult. Please consult me before taking any of them.

Immune Boost 1: 5 g, 2 times/day, or 6 pills, 3x/d

Immune Boost 2: 4 pills, 3x/d

Immune Boost 3: 4 g or 8 pills, 3 times/day. After taking IB3, have some warm porridge or soup, dress warmly, to sweat a bit.

Immune Boost 4: 4.5 g, 3 times/day

Immune Boost 5 (IB5). Take 2g of IB5 once in the morning. Take IB1 twice/day.

Herbal Consultation Fee and Scheduling