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My Body has Done a Complete 360


5.0 Star Rating, Yelp   5.0 Star Rating, Yelp

Kenosha G | Silver Spring, MD | 2/18/2020

Initially, my dad started going there because of a rotary cuff injury. My dad could barely lift his arm up. After ONE session with Dr. Emily, my dads arm was able to lift! It was amazing. Since he had such good results, I decided to get treated for my depression/ anxiety & weight loss. During the appointment, Dr. Emily noticed that my heart valve was not closing properly. She determined this because my feet were cold and touched some nerves in my back. After taking some herbs and doing acupuncture, my body has done a complete 360! I used to be so lazy (like the gym and basic things) but now I have so much energy and that's helped me a lot even with the weight loss and depression/ anxiety. So glad we were referred by a friend to see her.