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Performance (Sports, Test Taking, Public Speaking) Anxiety

"I now know how to relax and calm myself down before a basketball game. Before I would feel very tense and scared. I have learned how to accept those feelings and let them go, so that I can play to the best of my ability. :) Thank you!"

--Christina Beatty, Bethesda, Maryland

"I came into the session with the hope and belief that this is going to work and change my life for the better. I guess that belief made me more receptive to the treatment. After my first session, my sleeping at night has become deeper and very restful. I began to feel completely at ease. I became gradually more comfortable in my interactions with complete strangers. (I am in a customer-facing profession and such constant interactions were getting nerve-wracking. This was the problem I had needed to fix.) I was pleasantly surprised to see that as my approach and demeanour changed, I was beginning to get more positive responses from the people I interacted with. I am thankful to Dr. Wang for her patience and guidance. I am practicing what she taught me at home and I feel great. My thoughts are more positive now. I appreciate all the help that Dr. Wang extended to me!"

Anxiety, Childbirth

Melissa R.

Silver Spring, MD
5.0 Star Rating, Yelp
Thank you yelpers!!!  What a great recommendation!  
I had my first appointment with Dr. Wang to help with my anxiety surrounding childbirth.  I actually started feeling significantly better after our first appointment!  I don't understand why the hypnosis worked, but it just seems magical.  What a great recommendation!