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Yelp: Without her help I was going to have a surgery.


5.0 Star Rating, Yelp   5.0 Star Rating, Yelp

Nathalie E | McLean, VA | 12/11/2017

I would like to thank Dr. Emily Wang for what she had done for my ankle sprain.

I tore the ligaments of my ankle at work and i did therapy for almost one year and my pain did not go away.  I was still feeling pain and my orthopedic doctor wanted to do surgery. I refused to have a surgery.

I did research on acupuncture. I found Dr. Emily Wang in Rockville MD.  She  has a magic touch which healed my pain.  Without her help I was going to have a surgery.  Thank you very much for your help.  I did recommend her to anybody who is in pain.