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Feeling frustrated, tense, overwhelmed, sad, stuck?
You have tried to analyze or manage it.
You even tried positive thinking, therapy, medication, and surgery.

Has that helped RESOLVING the issue? Or does it KEEP COMING BACK?? WHY?

Imagine communicating with a 1 yr old, using logics or will power...Your subconscious mind (feelings, habits, automatic responses) and body is like a 1 yr old! How do you get a 1 yr old to cooperate?

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The two main causes of dis-ease, according to traditional Chinese medicine, are illustrated in the word disease itself: . The common part of the two characters means disease. The first character has an arrow in it which means external invasions (bacteria, viruses, and injuries...). The second one means illness from fire in the heart (unresolved emotions).

Using hypnosis, acupuncture, and holistic health coaching, we listen to the whole you, your thoughts, life style, emotions, relationships, pains and aches, and other physical symptoms. We help you release internal and external stresses, so that you move towards health and ease.

"After radiation therapy and three months of chemo, I was informed that my brain tumor was still growing. As a result, I was withdrawn and had feelings of hopelessness and despair. Dr Wang helped me through that period and changed my outlook to a more positive approach in my thinking. After five sessions, and a change in medication, my next MRI showed tremendous reduction in the tumor size. So much so, that my neuro-oncologist could not believe that so much could happen within a 10 week period. I have no doubt that it was the change in my perceptions, due to Dr Wang, as much as my change in medication that brought about this “unprecedented” rate of improvement. Three months after seeing Dr Wang, I have a positive outlook, am communicating normally, walking well again, and starting to drive, again. My family and friends are amazed at my improvement! Thank you, Dr Wang for helping me to realize, and to utilize, the healing power of the mind to assist me on my road to recovery."

Andrea, Potomac, Maryland